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"I should have ordered the starter kit two months ago." ~ Cindy, Texas

"If you're looking for Business Opportunity that is going to make you a millionaire then perhaps this program is not for you.  But if you're willing to put the forth the effort into something a little more realistic that does turn a profit, then give this program a try.  This opportunity is REAL and best of all... it works."~ John Peralta

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Finding a work at home assembly career which involves no fees is an impossible task as there are always costs associated with starting up a home business. With that said, there are legitimate home based assembly jobs which completely reimburse all the start-up expenses once you have proven yourself and your commitment to the work. This is a reasonable practice because "everyone and their dog" are looking for ways to earn money from home and most of them are impulsively signing up expecting  "easy money". These individuals quickly discard their home based pursuits once they discover that actual work is involved. By charging a start up fee the company ensures that they are targeting home workers that are truly dedicated and willing to invest in their future success.

As seen above, the practice of requiring a start-up fee is completely understandable and enables the company to effectively filter out those individuals who are not committed and suited for home work. But keeping the initial outlay of a member once they have proven their dedication and quality of work does not make sense. Once the home worker has successfully assembled a specific amount of product they should be reimbursed for their initial investment because they have passed the test- proving themselves competant and motivated. Unfortunately, many companies who offer home assembly work do not adhere to this practice. They keep the startup fee for themselves and continue to enjoy the profits from these proven workers. Most of the companies who work on this model are scams and make their money from the initial outlay of budding entrepreneurs.

Fortunately, there are companies who agree that operating by the above principle is unethical. Upon the members proving themselves, they gladly provide complete reimbursement of all expenses associated with the initial sign up process. These entities appreciate the value of their home workers and strive to go "above and beyond" in satisfying their members. Disciples Cross is one such company and have been providing home assembly work since the early 90's. Since they provide reimbursement they are the perfect way to access a home based assembly career without paying fees(in the end). Not only that, their money back guarantee makes their assembly offer a no risk venture!

Of course, becoming a successful assembler goes beyond motivation and competancy as it will be impossible to assemble quality product if you do not have clear and indepth training. As a member of Disciples Cross you are provided with the materials and a detailed step by step video which enables you to watch and follow along. The work is quite simple and you will be assembling them by the dozens in no time. As well, as a member you are provided a contact email address and phone number where you can get live support to help you with any issues which may arise.

They offer a buy back program which guarantees that they will buy $2000 worth of assembled product from you every month. As well,if that is not enough, you can join the hundreds of other assemblers who take advantage of their member resale rights. You see, every member is given the right to sell the Disciples Cross for their own profit. In other words, there is plenty of opportunity for you to earn more money with this profitable niche product. Some methods that existing members use are approaching churches for fundraisers, christian bookstores, online auctions or your own online store.

If you are looking to enter the home based work force as an assembler there is really only one choice that is risk-free and a no fee option(once getting reimbursed) and that is Disciples Cross. They are long established and run by a senior pastor who cannot risk damaging his reputation on unethical practices. Enjoy the benefits of operating your own home based business devoid of the risks and scams that usually accompany assembly work at home jobs. Get started today so that you can start earning for your tomorrows.
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